Ibsen Rios AKA Ibsen Producer was born on February 27, 1991 on Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela, is a producer and beat maker influenced by urban and electronic music.


In 2005 at the age of 15 years, ibsen starts as dj of a regional group, after that meets DJ THONY (RIP) producer TICO "El Inmigrante" at that time who was who shook his hand and opportunity to enter the world of music production. Before 15 years did not have much interest in music lessons and musical instruments but after that age music became part of their daily lives.

Becoming the practice in production to start working with arts groups.

In 2011, Ibsen begins to work with a company called Latyn Records where he worked with various artists, where much experience he joined his career in music production.

At the end of 2013 Ibsen cycle closes with the company and begins to draw on their own label working independently in search of a new sound working internationally.

Early 2014 begins work in Ibsen Producer STUDIO, new projects and new artists join this initiative to seek a new sound urban and electronic music, born with all these projects.

On January 20, 2015 the official opening of the study is done, bringing its brand to international artists from across America and Europe.

Today joined this project to continue bringing good music worldwide.